How to Practice Visualization & Find Your Signal in the Noise

If you were to travel across the ocean on a small boat, would you leave without knowing where you were going? Leave without a destination? Unfortunately, many of us cross the reckless ocean of life on our little boats without any direction of where we are headed. As merely an exercise for direction, it can be so much more, one can use visualization to clarify one’s true desires and discover a destination to manifest. This post shows how to practice visualization, offering a guide through a simple exercise and serves as an introduction to its powers.

Steps to Practice Visualization


First, quiet your body and mind. If you have a preferred meditation routine, do that. Else, sit still in a neutral position and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and focus on the inhales & exhales. When your mind wanders bring your focus back to your breath.

Let Your True Desire Find You

When you’ve achieved an empty enough focus, place a vision of the life you want to lead into that empty space. Imagine how great it is going to be when you’ve achieved this vision.

Make it Real

Experience every detail. Use all your senses. How does it smell, taste, feel, look, sound like. Replace negative energy with positive. Go deep into every detail.

Keep It Going

Congratulations you’ve now completed a visualization exercise. Repeat this exercise regularly and your ability to see and progress toward the manifestation of your vision will improve. Make your visualizations stronger and more effective by combining them with affirmations. To get information on combining affirmations with visualizations, read Autosuggestion: What It Is & 4 Steps on How to Start Using It.

Practice Visualization Summary

Through practice you’ll be able to see your vision more clearly. As a result, you’ll become more aware of what you really want, your true desires. By knowing what you want, you’ll have a strong signal to follow and will attract those moving in similar directions. You will have and be a light tower on the dark sea night. The rest will become pleasant ocean noise.

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