7 Parts to Build Your Best Morning Routine

It was once uttered, “If you win the morning you win the day.” No more sage advise has ever been spoken. This post will offer 7 parts to help you build your best morning routine. Those are get up early, breath, move, be aware, journal, read and maintain.

Build Your Best Morning Routine & Get Up Early

Everybody knows, “That the early bird gets the worm.” In fact, Jocko Willink, retired Navy SEAL, wakes up at 4:30a each morning because “I like to have that psychological win over the enemy.” You don’t need to be that extreme, if you don’t want to. It just goes to show, that to get a competitive edge, there is a whole world you have to beat out of bed.

To get some tips on how to sleep peacefully through the night, read 10 Tips to Help You Sleep Through the Night.


You’re probably not going to forget to breath even if it weren’t on this list but you can use breath in so many ways. You can put yourself in different head spaces and prime for a multitude of activities. This post is specifically referring to simple meditation breathing where you concentrates on inhales and exhales. During said exercise, if your mind begins to wander just bring your focus back to your breath. Repeating this exercise for just a few minutes can make all the difference. It will clear your mind and get you ready for the challenges of the day to come.

Using Movement Can Help Build Your Best Morning Routine

Exercise. Get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. You don’t need to go crazy. And if you haven’t worked out in a while, no worries. Simply start. A brisk walk in the morning can do a world of wonders for your daily outlook. You could even use this time for some yoga or pilates. Some simple calisthenics like pushups, sit up, dips, squats and pull-ups work great, also. Whatever you decide get moving and enjoy the emotional & chemical boost that will come after.

Be Aware

Be aware of where you are in you life and where you want to go. Take a moment to remember everything that you are thankful for. Recall all the goals that your are achieving and the changes in your life you are manifesting. Use this time in the morning to visualize all that you are going to accomplish and repeat positive affirmations. For information on coupling Visualization with Affirmations, read Autosuggestion: What It Is & 4 Steps on How to Start Using It.

Build Your Best Morning Routine by Journaling

Start & keep a journal. There are many benefits to journaling. Amongst them are tracking, emotional stress relief and a place to record honest uncensored thoughts. In addition, a journal is a great place for written affirmations and gratitude exercises. Furthermore, a journal can serve as a place to set goals and make plans. For more information on starting a daily journaling practice, read How To Start Enjoying the Benefits of Journaling.


It’s a well known fact that the most successful people in the world are voracious readers. In fact, Bill Gates has been known to take reading vacations and Warren Buffet spends 5-6 hours a day reading. Find a topic you want to learn more about, find a good book and go to it.

To devour more books in less time, learn to Speed Read. For more information on Speed Reading, read 5 Speed Reading Tips + Exercises.


And last but certainly not least, you should probably find sometime to hydrate with liquids, consume breakfast, vitamins and any other supplements or medications that you may need. Actually, many have found that skipping breakfast as part of an intermittent fasting program has helped to streamline their mornings while slimming their waist. Learn How to Start Enjoying the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting.

Of course, please don’t forget about your hygiene. That means bath, brush you teeth, floss, comb your hair, all that stuff.


There they are, 7 steps that can help you construct the morning routine that will turbo boost your days. Of course, these are only suggestions. Feel free to change, add and subtract to fit your preferences. Just keep in mind the things that will surely ruin your morning like being negative, getting sucked into a social media rabbit hole or not getting up at all (noon). That same Jocko Willink said, “Discipline equals freedom.” Think about it.

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