The 3 Triggers that Induce Flow State

Have you ever been shooting hoops and have every shot fall in? You are unconscious, they say. En Fuego! Well that state is what psychologist refer to as Flow State and you don’t have to play basketball to get there. In fact most everyone, regardless of activity, can find a way there. That is, that magical place where you are so locked into a task that you are achieving great things effortlessly. This post will discuss the 3 triggers that induce Flow State. Those are have a clear goal, get instant feedback and find an appropriate challenge.

One of the Triggers to Induce Flow State is to Have a Clear Goal

First, the activity must have clear goals. In basketball, it is playing the game: shooting, passing, dribbling, playing defense. In skiing, it’s going down the course as fast as possible without falling. Whatever the task, there must be a clear goal.

Get Instant Feedback

Secondly, the task must have immediate feedback. Did you make a good pass on the hardwood? Was the shot nothing but net or brick city? Feedback is important because there needs to be something at stake to measure performance as a way to induce focus.

Finding the Correct Challenge is one of the Triggers that Induces Flow State

Lastly, the stakes must be challenging but not too much so. That is, if you are a high school player you can’t be playing basketball with a bunch of grade school children. There would be no challenge. On the contrary, you can’t be playing basketball with a group of All-Star professionals either. The challenge would be too stressful. To find Flow State you need to find the correct balance between being bored and completely overwhelmed.


Sounds easy right? Well, finding Flow State isn’t always that easy. Professional athletes staff Sports Psychologists on their teams in part to help them reach this mind state on a more consistent basis. For they know that this is where the best results lie. Where the productivity lives. To get tips on increasing productivity, read 7 Life Hacks to Increase Your Productivity. There has to be a perfect circumstance of relaxation and alertness and you shouldn’t try too hard to get there. You almost have to be unconscious.

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