3 Tips on How to Avoid Distractions & Stay Focused

There is a thought out there that overstimulation is leading to the mass distraction of society. Being constantly connected to our phones, social media and internet has us going in many different, empty and wasteful directions. Through removing unnecessary stimulation, we can regain personal focus. This post will discuss 3 methods to avoid distractions & stay focused. Those are disconnecting, meditation and working in intervals. Here we go!

Avoid Distractions & Stay Focused By Disconnecting

In modern times our phones have become an invaluable tool in making our lives more convenient. Those of us who are old enough, to remember looking on a paper map to plan directions between locations, can truly repeat this sentiment. Unfortunately, modern phones are also a haven for distractions that can pull us in many never ending directions. In this light, phones suck our time. If you need to focus leave your phone in another room for an hour. When you do this, you’ll have no choice but to focus.


Meditation is a method one can use to improve focus through the practice of limiting one’s awareness. A simple exercise you can perform would be to sit in a comfortable position close your eyes and focus solely on your breath. The inhales & exhales. If your mind begins to wander or you become restless, it will happen, simply bring your focus back to your breath. A daily practice will make your ability to focus more resilient in other situations.

Work in Intervals to Avoid Distractions & Stay Focused

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method wherein intervals of work are paired with short breaks. A typical time interval is 25 working minutes followed by a 5 minute break. Usually there is a total of 4 working sessions before a longer break is taken. Some people prefer longer 90 minute intervals. By working in this fashion your ability to focus during working sessions increases, because you know a scheduled break is ahead.


While technology has offered us a plethora of enticing distractions at our fingertips, most of which will lead us to the empty ether. Technology, has also made our lives, when used correctly, a lot more convenient & productive. If you need to focus, put your phone in another room, take a deep breath and simply focus. Don’t worry, a break is coming soon!

Use your new found focus to learn a new skill ( How to Learn a New Skill Quickly & Effectively) or become more productive ( 7 Life Hacks to Increase Your Productivity).

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